About us

Artesanal Investments initiated its activities in 2008, with the purpose of managing variable income, fixed income and derivative portfolios, through the solid knowledge acquired by its partners for over more than 20 years of experience in the financial market.

With the mission of making an independent resource management, Artesanal's main focus is to personally serve the interests of its investors, acting mainly in the markets with the greatest potential for return. 

R$1.0 billion under management

Our Values

"Good sense is as good as great knowledge and the simple is better than the complicated."

Independence in decision making

Being an independent company of financial institutions, Artesanal Investments has the freedom to choose the investments to be made without needing to attend the interests of other areas of the organization"

Alignment of interests

Artesanal Investments' sole source of income is linked to the management and performance fees obtained from the funds under its management. All partners of the company are required by shareholder agreement to be stockholders of the open funds managed by the company."

Artesanal Management

The investment strategies of the funds are tailor made for each fund to suit the risk aversion profile of its shareholders.


Experience and knowledge in operations in the financial market and academic environment

The 20 years of experience that its partners have in the financial market as well as academic environment make it possible to search and evaluate the best opportunities, in innovating the non-traditional operations and in the best allocation, seeking to maximize the risk/return relationship.

Credibility in the management of its investors patrimony

Artesanal has been operating in the financial market since 2008, with the growth of its portfolio that currently reaches approximately R$ 1.0 billion with 2,500 clients.


Get to know a little about the team of artisans prepared to serve their clients with total exclusivity:

Alexandre Jorge Chaia

Partner at Artesanal Investments, is responsible for managing the structured funds.
  • Worked for 5 years as head of derivatives table and open market at Interunion Bank;
  • 10 years as director at Risconsult (consulting services specialized in financial risk management);
  • 4 years at ABN AMRO Real Bank;
  • Economist graduated at UERJ with an MBA in Finance by IBMEC-SP and a Masters in Business Administration by FEA/USP;
  • Professor of Financial Products, Derivatives and Risk Management in several institutions, such as INSPERI, IBMEC-RJ, FGV-RJ and FGV-SP, FEA/USP, BM&F, among others;
  • Counselor of the educational areas of the main regulatory bodies on issues related to financial risk management.

Alexandre F. Tamietto Galhano

Partner at Artesanal Investments, manager of the Artesanal FIC FIM Fund.
  • Started his career at Unibanco bank, in the Middle Market credit area;
  • Equity sales at Gradual Corretora for 4 years;
  • Started as Equity trader at Artesanal Investments;
  • Current Head of the fund management area;
  • Civil Engineer graduated at Mackenzie Presbyterian University;
  • CFM at Insper.

Breno Rosemberg Sartoretto

Partner at Artesanal Investments, co-responsible for the funds management.
  • Started his career at Artesanal Investments as intern at the Back office area, currently co-responsible for the funds management;
  • Business Administration degree from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo – PUC SP;
  • CFM certificate;
  • Operator/Banker at Saint Paul. 

Raphael Fontes Tamietti Galhano

Partner at Artesanal Investments, responsible for the variable income strategies.
  • Three years as chief of the variable income table and responsible for the strategic planning at Título Corretora;
  • Acted in portfolio management and and structuring of variable income operations at Gradual Corretora, from 2007 to 2009;
  • Business Administration degree from ESPM – Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing and several courses specific to the financial market.


Artesanal together with its partners offers a complete portfolio of investment funds to leverage, maximize and protect financial decisions regarding our client's equity:

Gradual Investimentos
BNY Mellon
Banco Paulista
Socopa Corretora Paulista
XP Investimentos
CM Capital Markets
Credit Suisse
Terra Investimentos